Hilton East
What to Bring to Assisted Living

Our suggestion is to bring in a little bit at first, if possible, and then allow them to ask for more.  Rather than bringing in a lot and telling them they can’t have so much and having to take things away.  This helps to feel like they still have a say, control in what’s going on.  If too much “stuff” is brought in and some has to be removed because there is not enough space, this can help to increase the feeling of loss of control, of having no input and the general feeling of loss, even if it is things they haven’t seen in years.  Going from an entire apartment or house to a room is a huge transition and often times are having a feeling of loss and out of control already, this will help to minimize that.

The room is going to be their home, it should feel like it.  We need to make sure that everyone can move in and around the room without hindrance, especially in the event of an emergency.

Changing Address Information:

Recently there was a change in process/policy at the USPS about changing an address.  If you mail in a change of address form, you will also need to go to a post office with an official government issued ID to confirm your identity to finalize your change of address, or your mail will not be forwarded.

If you go into the post office to change your mailing address and fill out the change of address form, take along your official government issued  ID, to confirm your identity all at the same time or your mail will not be forwarded.

Things that CANNOT be brought:

Anything Sharp:

                Razors – including disposables razors and razor blades




Anything with a heating element:

                Hair dryers

                Curling irons

                Heating pads


                Electric blankets

Microwave ovens

                Space heaters

                Hot plates

                Coffee pots


Other Prohibited Items:

Extension cords

Throw rugs, area rugs

Weapons of any kind

Pets – to be kept in building (visiting is fine, just follow the Pet Visitation Policy)

Any illegal substances for use, to sell or distribute

Any unmarked medications

Any unprescribed medications, including Over The Counter (OTC) medications

There cannot be an accumulation of combustible materials, or items stacked up against or over top of the central heating.

There is NO SMOKING ANYWHERE INSIDE the building.

Things that CAN be brought:


TV – We do not provide a TV – can be pedestal or wall mount, the mount device must be provided

Phone – We do not provide phones – you can use cell phones, landlines, and we do have free Wi-Fi

A small refrigerator (up to 3.3 cu ft)



A/C – 4,000-5,000 BTU

Medications – if coming from home they need to be in the original packaging from the pharmacy, not in pillbox reminder containers, and we cannot take packaging that has multiple pills within the same “blister”.  Pills must be separated, so it 100% clear which medication is which and there is no guessing.  This is a state regulation for us.

Electric shavers

What the rooms come with:

A bed – a twin bed, including the sheets, comforter, a fleece blanket, pillow and pillow case



Dresser – a lockbox secured in a drawer


Laundry bag – for dirty laundry